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Shaft Alignment

NRG Global Power engineers are competent users of leading alignment systems. Laser alignment is used for accurately positioning direct drive rotating equipment for both horizontal and vertical installations.

Precision shaft alignment reduces operating costs and significantly extends equipment life. All aspects of alignment are achievable ranging from low speed applications to high speed gas turbines and turbo-machinery. NRG Global Power offers extensive reports incorporating the actual results direct from the alignment system as an appendix.

By implementing correct shaft alignment practice you can expect to:

  • Improve life expectancy
  • Reduce costs of spare parts and components
  • Reduce expensive maintenance costs
  • Improve availability
  • Reduce power consumption
  • Improve safe working parameters of rotating machinery
  • Adherence to insurance classification (Marine)

Geometrical Measurements

NRG Global Power engineers are capable of measuring single and multi-surface profiles using the latest technology from leading manufacturers. By utilizing geometrical laser alignment techniques NRG are able to measure and report the following:


  • Shafts, rams and pins
  • Guide rails and slides


  • Enox plates
  • Foundations, bedplates and flanges
  • Crane and thruster slewing ring surfaces
  • Guide rails and slides
  • Turbine, compressor and pump split casing surfaces
  • Positioning of on-site milling machines


  • Measurement and positioning of bearings and journals
  • Positioning of on-site machine tools
  • Stern-tube alignment
  • Rudder bearing alignment
  • Bore alignment such as engine crank case bearings
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