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Propulsion & Auxiliary Equipment

As part of our alignment service we are capable of supporting Marine applications. NRG Global Power adhere to marine standards in conjunction with insurance classifications and approvals.

We support new build vessels as well as repair situations alike, taking all factors into consideration. We work strictly to alignment specifications and equipment tolerances, however in the event there is little or no known information, we can advise and offer thermal growth calculations. In these situations agreements and approvals are laid out in advance prior to re-alignment.

 Specific alignment techniques:

  • Dial indicator rim & face
  • Laser alignment
  • Gap and sag calculation and alignment
  • Cardan shaft
  • Crankshaft deflection measurements
  • Generator air gap alignment
  • Jack load measurements
  • Bending and torsion measurements

Mounting & Chocking

In combination with our alignment service we can offer chocking solutions and make recommendations depending on the existing situation, or alternatively follow our client preferences or advised specification.

NRG Global Power are experienced in measurement and installation of tapered machine chocks, correct installation and leveling of anti-vibration mounts, steel shims, epoxy resins and adjustable steel chocks such as Rota-chock and Vibracon.

Chocking plans and bolt tension calculations can be provided upon request, or as part of the project requirement and/or insurance classification. 

Geometrical Alignment

By utilizing our knowledge, skills and experience we are able to execute geometrical and 3D measurements which are widely used in the Marine industry. Such measurements may be necessary to determine the following:

  • Position of stern tube and rudder stock bearings and journals
  • Intermediate bearing alignment
  • Flatness of foundations, flanges and machine beds
  • Radial bearing and slewing ring alignment of thruster wells
  • Straightness of shafts
  • Concentricity
  • Perpendicularity
  • Dimensional control measurements

On-Site Machining

Depending on geometrical and three dimensional measurement results and specification, machining of components may be required. NRG Global Power are able to offer on-site machining solutions directly or via our service partners.

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